The Planet we live on is an amazing place and we can take you on a mission to explore many of its beauties.


 We can run tailor made expeditions for all ages and abilities in the UK & worldwide. We only run a few Overseas expeditions each year to maintain quality and the next few years are booking up quickly so get in touch soon. We are planning trips to Peru, Morocco and slovenia at the moment.


 We have great local connections in several destinations and do some very worthwhile environmental projects and community projects.


 All our trips are run with Environmental awareness, make minimal impact and the carbon footprint is offset. Please see about us page for more info.

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All expeditions are led by fully qualified International Mountain Leaders.

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Heres some ideas to get you going, many more to come...


 Peru is such a diverse country from the capital Lima on the pacific coast with some stunning desert coastline, up to the Andes the worlds longest mountain range, then down to The Amazon Rainforest the lungs of the earth.

 We have a special connection with Peru and have great contacts there. Our friends run Hostels, tour agencies and mountain retreats in Cusco the Inka capital. We can offer a huge variety of unique packages there for all budgets and desires. We pay Peruvian prices.

  Cusco is a great base for exploring Peru and there are many things you can do from there including the world famous Inka trail to Machu Picchu, Rafting on the Urubamba river, Trekking in the Andes and exploring Amazon rainforest to name a few.

 We believe its important  to be able to give something back, and that expeditions have a purpose. We can arrange community projects in the Andes helping poor communities live a more fulfilled life and ecological projects in the Amazon Rainforest to protect this special environment.

 Peru has a very old shamanic spiritual history we can offer unique spiritual and meditation retreats to help you relax, or rediscover yourself, in the jungle or in the mountains.

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Morocco is also a very diverse country with the stunning Atlas mountains at 4000m+, down to the Sahara desert...

Depending on your experience and desires you can explore the Atlas mountains many different ways keeping everyone happy.   You can choose to summit North Africas highest peak Jebel Toubkal (4167m) or other Mountains or just simply explore the beautiful valleys and local traditional way of life..

 There are options to camp, use mountain huts/ gites or hotels, something for all budgets and desires.

 After spending time in the mountains its a short journey to get to the world famous Sahara desert where you can trek on foot or on Camels... We use Traditional Berber tents and / or huts in some of the desert oasis's.

 We have a great connection with a local Moroccan mountain guide who helps us build all our trips and who delivers a top quality experience. All trips are designed personally for all groups wants and needs.

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Slovenia is a Great place for all things adventurous, including high quality trekking, rafting and kayaking on the famous emerald Soca river to canyoning in stunning Karst areas.

 We base ourselves in the adventure towns of Bovec in the Soca valley and around lake Bohinj in the heart of the Triglav national park.

 Like all our trips you can choose from tarps, tents, hostels, huts and hotels. There is something for everyone here.

 Slovenia is home to the Julian Alps a relatively low mountain range but by no means tame. You can climb the highest peak Triglav (2864m) or trek in some of the beautiful and sometimes remote valleys. There are some stunning big limestone walls to climb, top quality via ferrata's and miles of trails for foot or on bike.

 As with all our trips we use top quality experienced local guides and companies to deliver high quality adventures.

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