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 Planetree Adventure is run by Dave and Jo Kelly-Parkinson and is based in Flintshire North Wales. Dave has been a lover of all things adventurous all his live and has travelled, trekked and climbed worldwide. He is an International Mountain Leader, rock Climbing instructor and canoe Coach.

 Dave has worked in the outdoor industry most of his working life and truly believes in the outdoors being explored and is one of the best classrooms for all ages and abilities, to learn about many things including themselves.

 The company name Planetree Adventure means that we believe our planet is an adventure, and the tree, as an ecological symbol, reminds us of the need to look after it. The mountain is Tryfan one of the best mountains in the world.

 All our adventures are run with minimal impact, everything we do is delivered safely with full respect for the environment.

 We have a great network of outdoor professionals from around the planet that work with us and we can provide high quality adventures all over the UK & worldwide.

  Planetree Adventure is committed to keeping its carbon footprint as low as possible. We use recycled stationary and environmentally friendly printers. We research all suppliers to ensure they have an acceptable environment policy and use local Welsh products and suppliers where available e.g. Our climbing kit is from the welsh company DMM. probably the best manufacturer of climbing gear in the world and still made in Wales.


Johannah has been following her passion for connecting humans and nature for most of her career. She has a passion and understanding that nature is medicene for us all, and the deeper we are connected to it, the healthier we are on every level, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This understanding feeds into her teaching and leadership within Planetree Adventure, whilst teaching navigation on Duke of Edinborough expeditions, bushcraft in the woods, Agored Cymru modules to challenging and special education individuals, and problem solving/teambuilding activities to many clients. Johannah is a qualified Primary School Teacher at KS2. She is very proud of her Mountain Leader qualification.  To add to this, Johannah has pursued a life long private practice in the well being arts, such as breath work, mediation , mindfulness and Firewalking. Johannah is  a qualified Firewalking practitioner, trained by the master teacher Peggy Dylan in the accreditred Sundoor School. Johannah has led hundreds of people in her highly respected Firewalking workshops. Within these work shops ,there is a high level of emotional intelligence mastery, and in recent years, Johannah , as a natural mother and care giver, has grown in her understanding of how these approaches are extremely important to adults and children alike. It was out out of this understanding that Firebration was born. Firebration is a company that not only leads adults in excellent, sacred Firewalking practices, but also holds school based activities and workshops that incorperate some of the excellent practices from the well being and emotional resilience aspects of her training. Her latest combination of emotional resilience, outdoor expedition skills, and mindfulness techniques have been of benefit to children across the county. She has taken her unique teaching style and skill set into schools and through the latest project, her aim has been to impart confidence, adventure skills , emotional resilience , and passion for nature to the children in her care. 


We do the website ourselves so we can keep it up to date as much as possible. It is intended to be small and easy to use so you can turn off the pc quickly and get out there and do something less boring instead...


So why dont you give us a call and lets go do it.........






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