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 Planetree Adventure is run by Dave and is based in Flintshire North Wales. Dave has been a lover of all things adventurous all his live and has travelled, trekked and climbed worldwide. He is an International Mountain Leader, rock Climbing instructor and canoe Coach'

 Dave has worked in the outdoor industry most of his working life and truly believes in the outdoors being explored and is one of the best classrooms for all ages and abilities, to learn about many things including themselves.

 The company name Planetree Adventure means that we believe our planet is an adventure, and the tree, as an ecological symbol, reminds us of the need to look after it.

 All our adventures are run with minimal impact, everything we do is delivered safely with full respect for the environment.

 We have a great network of outdoor professionals from around the planet that work with us and we can provide high quality adventures all over the UK & worldwide.

  Planetree Adventure is committed to keeping its carbon footprint as low as possible. We have a great offsetting project planting trees in local woodlands, and also in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. We know that offsetting isnt the solution but it helps. We use recycled stationary and environmentally friendly printers. We research all suppliers to ensure they have an acceptable environment policy and use local Welsh products and suppliers where available e.g. Our climbing kit is from the welsh company DMM. probably the best manufacturer of climbing gear in the world and still made in Wales.


We do the website ourselves so we can keep it up to date as much as possible. It is intended to be small and easy to use so you can turn off the pc quickly and get out there and do something less boring instead...

So why dont you give us a call and lets go do it.........






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